Killer Keynote Conference

October 12-13, 2023

Live Presentation Training that helps you craft an unforgettable presentation and deliver it in a way that makes you stand out from other speakers.



"The Killer Keynote Conference was the presentation training workshop that showed me a BETTER way to develop and deliver my speech. Don’t even bother going anywhere else — Kent Julian has THE MODEL for creating an epic keynote that will help you become a paid speaker. The SPEAK UP™ paradigm he teaches is practical, easy-to-follow, and just plain awesome. Plus, the anchors and clothesline concepts were absolute game changers for me and allowed me to speak without notes for the first time in over 20 years!"

Speaker Training - Learn how to become a paid speaker at the Killer Keynote Conference

Jerome Wade, CSP*
* Certified Speaking Professional with the National Speakers Association

Improve Presentation Skills - Killer Keynote Conference
Improve Presentation Skills - Killer Keynote Conference
Improve Presentation Skills - Killer Keynote Conference

Step 1: Craft

Use the SPEAK UP™ System to create an unforgettable message.

Step 2: Prepare

Personal presentation coaching is available during the conference to help you perfect your presentation.

Step 3: Deliver

Deliver the kind of presentation that will make you stand out from other speakers.

You'll experience all 3 steps BEFORE leaving the conference!



What is the Killer Keynote Conference and What Can It Do for You?

How to become a public speaker - Killer Keynote Conference - presentation trainingThe Killer Keynote Conference is THE ULTIMATE presentation training experience for people looking to take their presentation skills to the next level. During this conference, you won't just learn how to package your presentations, you'll EXPERIENCE how to present a killer keynote! When all is said and done, you'll walk away from this speaker training event having: 

  • Crafted an engaging, content-rich presentation that helps you bust-out instead of blend-in as a speaker
  • Delivered your message to a real audience without depending on notes
  • Gained encouraging and honest feedback from audience members who want you to succeed
  • A video of your presentation to review later

This presentation training experience teaches you a proven, step-by-step system for effectively connecting with, communicating to, and convincing any audience. It’s based on the SPEAK UP™ Preparation System that Kent Julian uses to prepare and package all of his presentations.

Additionally, instead of just teaching you the content, you are given the time and space to apply what you learn and DELIVER YOUR PRESENTATION in real time! This means you'll leave this speaker training conference ready to:

  • Impact and influence audiences
  • Gain more bookings and business
  • Get paid to speak

For specifics about this cutting-edge presentation training approach, see the schedule below.

What Others Say About the Killer Keynote Conference...

Victoria Mininger - Presentation Training - Killer KeynoteI was blown away by the Killer Keynote Conference! It's unlike any presentation training out there because it combines training, coaching, and the opportunity to present your entire keynote.

More specifically, Kent brings so much value because he intentionally creates an environment that allows for an amazing level of personal attention and interaction. Since the Killer Keynote is open to only 10 people, each participant gets Kent's full focus. This means that while you learn how to develop and deliver your presentation, every question you have is addressed. This approach equipped me, along with every other attendee, to present an impactful keynote with no notes by the second day of the conference. You read that correctly...WE ALL DELIVERED A POWERFUL KEYNOTE ON DAY 2. I knew Kent promised this on the front end, but I'm still shocked I was able to do this!

One more thing...the feedback participants give to one another is invaluable. Kent strategically fosters this kind of environment because he knows that getting participants to positively shape each other's presentations is as valuable for speakers as the content he teaches.

The Killer Keynote was truly a game changer for me. I will NEVER go back to the old way of doing things!

How to Become a Motivational Speaker - Kent Julian's Paid to Speak ConferenceKent, I want to share an experience I had yesterday that was successful in large part because of you and the Killer Keynote methods.

I was the opening keynote yesterday for a state-wide association annual conference. I have not traditionally been a keynoter, but more of a content trainer and facilitator. But given my recent life events, I have been shifting more towards inspirational content.

Using the Killer Keynote approach, I developed a whole new speech and the response was simply incredible. I have never received feedback after a speech like I got yesterday! So many people told me stories from their lives, and how my content made them easily see the points I was making. And I received about 50 hugs!!

The host and conference chair told me: “You nailed it!” In fact, the host is going to recommend me to all of the other state chapters as well as to the national organization. 

Kent, this speech was to my largest audience ever (850) and garnered my highest fee ever. Thanks for what you have helped me realize and achieve. You are making a difference, my friend!

Speaker Training - Presentation Training - Killer Keynote Conference"I have been to a lot of presentation training conferences, but the Killer Keynote Conference is so different. The content is incredibly powerful and easy to understand. And even though it was a bit scary, I loved the opportunity to give my presentation live and hear immediate feedback. The interaction with everyone was so positive and encouraging, and I love the fact that this presentation training conference is purposefully kept small so that Kent is available to coach you through specific questions and concerns you have before your presentation. It's the best speaker training conference I've ever attended!"

Brenda Nevitt

sean glaze - paid to speak conference  - presentation training"Kent is a very strong speaker, but he also possesses a rarely found self-awareness and the willingness to share that allows him to take what he does so well and teach it in an engaging, easy-to-follow way. If you are looking for an in-depth presentation training experience that will shorten your learning curve on how to prepare and present a speech you can get paid to present — this is the place to be!"

Sean Glaze

Presentation Training / Speaker Training - Killer Keynote Conference - Jen McDonough"Don't wait...GOOOOOOO! Seriously, invest in the Killer Keynote Conference because you will get 10 times your return at the very least! It is a live, real-time presentation training in an intimate environment where you not only learn how to develop an outstanding keynote, you get to DELIVER IT. This might sound impossible to do in just 48 hours, but Kent’s SPEAK UP™ system equips you to do it. And then, the synergy and input from all the participants when you deliver your presentation is incredible. You walk away with a video recording of your keynote as well as all the helpful insights and suggestions from the group. It is a beyond awesome experience!"

Jen McDonough

Speaker Training / Presentation Training - Killer Keynote Conference - Jill Davis"There is nothing like the Killer Keynote Conference! Instead of teaching you about points and sub-points and speaking from a plethora of notes, Kent's presentation training guides you in using 'anchors' to make your speeches come alive and be unforgettable. Because of what I learned from this amazing experience, not only am I booking paid speaking engagements, I was chosen to speak at TedX Colorado Springs. I am beyond grateful for all that I have learned and been able to apply from Kent!"

Jill Davis



What's the Schedule?

Day 1

8 AM to 3 PM — Comprehensive training in the SPEAK UP™ Preparation System.

You will learn a powerful, yet simple-to-implement system for developing an engaging, content-rich, unforgettable presentation and delivering your presentation without the use of comprehensive notes.

(NOTE: Lunch provided)

3 PM to 7 PM — Personal time to develop your presentation.

Kent is available the entire time for one-on-one presentation skills training and coaching to answer your questions and help you bust through any sticking points.

7 PM to 9 PM — Dinner provided.

Day 2


(1 Seats Remaining)

Here's What You'll Learn and Why It's Limited to ONLY 9 People.

The Killer Keynote Conference is presentation training that is content-rich but not content-heavy. What this means is you will learn the same SPEAK UP™ Preparation System Kent Julian uses to develop all of his presentations, BUT THAT'S ALL THE CONTENT HE TEACHES. You’ll learn this system inside and out, but we won’t pile on any additional content.

The Reason?

You don’t want this experience to be like other presentation training events.

Where is the Killer Keynote Conference Taking Place?

We are excited to host the Killer Keynote Conference at the DREAM-to-DO Studios in Suwanee, Georgia, which is on the northeast side of the Atlanta-metro area.

This venue is specifically designed for smaller, coaching-and-mastermind learning experiences like the Killer Keynote Conference. One look at the schedule will tell you this event is more of a "learning experience" than a "sit and take notes" presentation training conference.

  • 25% of the conference is presentation training
  • 25% is coaching and preparing your presentation
  • 50% (the entire second day) is given to participants delivering their presentations.

(This is why this event is limited to 9 participants only.)

The DREAM-to-DO Studios is not only set up with a more intimate conference room, but It also has plenty of breakout space for coaching and presentation planning. It even has outdoor, lakefront views on the property.

Upon registration, more information about DREAM-to-DO Studios will be sent to you via email.



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