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You got your hustle on. Plus, you’re smart and talented.


Things should be going better for you as a speaker. Despite your best efforts, your business isn’t moving forward as you envisioned.

You need to work through your ideas with someone — someone who can look at your speaking business from a different perspective, provide clear insight, and help you take strategic, decisive action.

As the former Executive Director of a national association and now a professional speaker, I have the experience and wisdom to help you.

Need Proof?

First, as an Executive Director of a national association for 7 years, I hired speakers ALL THE TIME. I learned a lot about which approaches made me want to hire a speaker and which approaches absolutely turned me off. This experience was indispensable in helping me develop the business and marketing strategies I use in my speaking business today!

Second, I have over a decade of experience as a professional speaker. Even more, I have received the highest earned designation a professional speaker can earn with the National Speakers Association (less than 800 professional speakers worldwide have earned this award). Finally, my speaking business earns multiple 6-figures annually.

Third, through the Killer Keynote and Paid to Speak Conferences, along with a mentoring and mastermind program for speakers, I’ve served hundreds of speakers and entrepreneurs in helping them move from DREAM to DO, and I can help you do the same.

Book a “Borrow My Brain” Session Today

In your Borrow My Brain session, I work with you 1-to-1 to customize specific, DREAM-to-DO strategies that are unique to your speaking brand or business. You’ll walk away with explicit action steps so that you can stop dreaming about what to do next as a speaker and you can start doing it.

You should schedule a session if…

  • You feel stuck as a speaker and you’re uncertain of your next steps
  • You’re convinced you have a solid speaking brand or business idea, but you're unsure of how to market it so that you can book paying engagements
  • You have a speaking brand or business idea you’re excited about, but you want professional insight before jumping in with both feet
  • You face any other speaking brand or business roadblock that is keeping you from moving from DREAM to DO

Here’s How It Works

  1. Click the "Schedule Your 'Borrow My Brain' Session" link below to register.
  2. After registering, you will automatically be directed to the Borrow My Brain questionnaire.
  3. Once you complete the Borrow My Brain questionnaire, I will respond within 48 hours to schedule our session and go over specifics.
  4. We will strategize for 60 minutes via a Zoom video meeting.

NOTE: Prior to our Zoom video meeting, I spend an hour doing an in-depth review of the relevant information and online resources you send me via your Borrow My Brain questionnaire.

During our Zoom meeting, I provide customized strategies and action steps aligned with the goals you shared in your questionnaire. I will also answer every question you ask.

Finally, I provide you with a recording of our Zoom video so that you have it for future reference.

The cost of a session is $497.

Borrow My Brain Session

1-to-1 Customized Coaching Session to Help You Move from DREAM to DO as a Speaker